Thursday, December 13, 2012

Exercise 1

1. Herbivore is the animal which eat _____________________.

a. others animals          b. grass          c. burger

2. The animals below are herbivore except_____________________.

a. mousedeer          b. tiger          c. goat

3. Tiger attacks  ____________________ for food.

a. leopard          b. worm          c. tree          d. deer

4. Toitise lives in _______________________________.

a. the water          b. on the land          c. the water and on the land

5. Which of the following below is true?

a. cat  --  cub

b. tiger -- puppy

c. frog  --  tadpole

d. lion  --  kitten

The animals those giving birth to their youngs...


Zebra and its baby zebra...

Lion and its young baby...cub!
Dog and its young baby...puppy!
Frog and its young baby... tadpole!
Cat and its young baby... kitten!
Duck and its young baby...duckling!
Chicken and its young baby...chick!

The animals those crawl or glide...

The animals which can live in the water and on the land...


Lion Attack Giraffe

Cow Eating Grass

Ducks Eating Corn